What Will Coaching Create for Me


Coaching can help you to:

• Gain clarity and focus,
• Achieve business and personal goals,
• Accelerate progress and results,
• Obtain a fresh perspective,
• Improve relationships,
• Change attitudes and behaviors, and
• Discover untapped possibilities.

A physician may choose to hire a coach to:

• Define what would truly make them more professionally satisfied practicing medicine,
• Become more effective as a physician in today’s busy and turbulent medical milieu,
• Create more order and balance in their lives and intentionally decide how to spend each day, rather than just “putting out fires” while speeding from one office, hospital or nursing home to the next,
• Achieve some specific goal, such as writing a book, learning to fly or even leaving medicine to start their own business,
• Wrest more joy, more simplicity and more peace of mind out of life, or
• Rid themselves of excess emotional baggage and/or remove mental roadblocks.
Instead of living in fear, worry, stress and confusion, you can enjoy financial freedom, professional contentment and rewarding relationships all while choosing to live with a clear vision of your purpose in life. Remember, if nothing changes then nothing changes, but I can guarantee things can and will change through coaching!