What Coaching Cannnot Do


Coaching is NOT therapy. For some people, therapy can provide knowledge of their past, so that they are able to change their present thoughts and actions based on the new insights that understanding may bring. In my coaching relationships, however, I have found that it really does not matter how much you understand about what brought you to where you are at today. You simply have to accept that ‘here and now’ is where you are today; you have to forgive and let go of the past — whether you completely understand it or not; you have to be able to envision a future that is not predestined by your past; and finally you have to be willing to take action to create your new life — EVEN IF YOU DON’T NOW WHAT THOSE ACTIONS WILL BE!

On that note then, let me say that Axis I diagnoses obviously need psychiatric involvement While coaching is not designed to provide treatment for Major Mood Disorders, still someone who is dysthymic may benefit, certainly if they can see how their choices have contributed to their difficulties. Of course, by definition most Axis II diagnoses are chronic and persistent, but those individuals may sometimes benefit from coaching, again depending upon the individual’s ability to break through the inherent denial that is most assuredly present, and then change their thinking by changing their behavior.

I have a strong working relationship with David L. Prewett, Psy.D., a psychologist in Atlanta who specializes in psychometric testing. From the MMPI to IQ testing, from Rorschach and TAT to the Myers-Briggs types of inventories, he will develop a customized program of precisely which instruments would be most helpful to you, given your specific coaching goals. Then, after conducting the testing himself, he will sit down and provide you with an amazingly accurate profile that you can immediately begin using to determine your next steps. Certainly psychometrics are not required before anyone engages in a coaching relationship; but for those who truly struggle with coaching, and want to understand more clearly those obstacles that have been impeding their growth, this resource is readily available upon your request.